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Direct Drilling


Seeding is arguably the most important activity in crop production. There is no other operation that a farmer has control over that has greater impact on crop yield and quality. Riverlea recognise the importance of accurate seeding, and have designed and engineered the Superseeder to ensure they are able to provide the optimum environment for early and consistent seed germination, and plant emergence. Unlike other brands, the Superseeder was designed and engineered specifically for New Zealand conditions using Bourgault technology. Bourgault is a leading Canadian brand in seeding equipment, and is pro-active in developing innovative technology in response to the industry's needs using the guiding principles of simplicity, durability and productivity. Riverlea are continually striving to develop better, more efficient ways for New Zealanders to get seed in the ground, and have achieved this by adapting and engineering the Superseeder specifically for local environments. Using the Superseeder, your crop is in the best position to adjust to the external factors and circumstances that can affect yield and quality.

The Superseeder has been adapted by New Zealanders for New Zealanders.

Key Features

  • A "one pass operation" for seeding
  • Broadcasting nozzles for extremely accurate application of slug bait and other products
  • Unique ability to run a single row of wide row coulters minimising soil disturbanceand weed and unwanted foreign clover strike between the rows.
  • Bourgault offers the best balance of contour-abilityand consistency in the design of the parallel walking couture arm and walking gauge/packer wheel assembly, while remaining sensitive to debris, previous furrows or displaced soil.
  • Hydraulic control of coulter aggression and press wheel covering from the tractor cab
  • High trash clearance, single disc allows the drill to cut through all crop residues with no hairpinning
  • Does not kick up any stone
  • Eight metre drill ensures large acreages are completed with ease
  • Depth control wheel right beside the seed tube, not trailing behind like most other drills giving variable results and hydraulic cushioning not springs shaking seed everywhere.
  • Provides superior field finish
  • RTK GPS System

Seed and fertiliser

  • Single fan technology ensures an accurate double shoot:
    Most drills have twin shoots which run from two separate fans that keep the seed and fertiliser separate right up to the coulter. In comparison, the Superseeder achieves dual shooting with a single fan by allowing the hot air to pass through a cooler, then into a division box and knife valves split the flow. This means the air is raging through the fertiliser pipe to allow heavy application rates, but because the seed line is only running at 40% of its capacity it does not blow the seed out of the ground.
  • The tanks are manufactured in New Zealand specifically for Superseeder drills. The lids are sealed, which creates an airtight environment for the fertiliser eliminating any risk of product being compromised. The tanks provide a constant flow of product with no blobbing effect and inside the tank there are no obstructions which makes it easy to clean and be stored for quarantine between jobs.

Minimal soil disturbance

With Riverlea's Superseeder, less than 40 per cent of the original soil surface is physically worked up by the openers to form the furrow for seed placement. The narrow profile Low Disturbance Scraper provides accurate seed placement and depth control in a narrow cut seedbed. The result is an exceptional field finish that preserves the maximum soil health in order to foster even germination.

  • Less soil disturbance results in better seed depth control:
    The low disturbance openers do not fracture the soil and ensures accurate placement to result in even germination.
  • Improves infiltration and conserves soil moisture
  • Studies have proven that less soil disturbance results in improved soil quality. This is especially apparent in the uppermost soil layer which has important implications for soil stability.
  • Protects soil against erosion - The structural degradation of the soil results in the formation of crusts and compaction which minimises soil erosion and detrimental effects on soil structure
  • Encourages the rebirth of soil biology leading enhancing the carbon sequestration process.


Other brands of seed drills with a high degree of contour-ability may also be very sensitive to debris, previous furrows, or displaced soil in the field, forcing operators to reduce seeding speeds in order to maintain seed depth consistency. Riverlea utilise Bourgault's Parallel Walking Coulter Arm, which delivers superior precision seed placement in comparison to competitive units, with the cleaner wheel fixed to the side of the coulter. When going over residue or obstacles, the walking action between the cleaner and packer wheels stabilizes the coulter arm assembly reducing coulter movement by a factor of two. This simple, yet innovative approach provides consistent depth in varied and challenging field conditions without being overly sensitive to residue or soil lumps.

  • The advanced patented parallel walking coulter arm provides both accuracy and consistency in varying field conditions
  • Parallel link design delivers unsurpassed depth control and contour-ability
  • Gauge wheel is set beside the coulter to provide consistent seed placement in even the most challenging field conditions
  • Operators are not required to reduce seeding speeds to maintain seed depth providing a quick, efficient and cost effective service
  • This design provides a 1-to-1 contour parallel link system gauged by a walking cleaner/packer wheel assembly

On-The-Fly hydraulic control

Band Spraying Riverlea Ag
  • A gauge on the control box allows you to monitor the hydraulic pressure being applied
  • Adjust penetration & packing force from the tractor cab. The 3710 Independent Coulter Drill provides the unique and valuable feature of electric-over-hydraulic control of penetration and packing force through the Model 410 Control Box
  • Apply up 204kg of opener down force, with 32 to 104 kg of packer wheel down force, along with 14 to 45 kg of cleaner wheel down force on each seed row

Eliminates hairpinning

The process known as "hair-pinning" can result in poor crop establishment for those using conservation till systems. Riverlea use only the best products and optimum positioning to eliminate this risk and create the perfect seed to soil contact.

  • Precision placement of the disc opener on five-degree horizontal angle and ten-degree vertical compound angle provides superior cutting action through field residue to eliminate hairpinning.
  • The risk of residue creating a barrier between seed and soil in the seed rows is neutralised.

Field Finish

The Riverlea "one pass operation" offers an exceptional field finish to establish a healthy crop and enhance soil health for subsequent crops.

  • Seed Placement with Minimal Disturbance - The narrow profile low disturbance discs provide seed placement in a narrow cut seedbed. The result is an exceptional field finish that preserves the maximum soil moisture in order to foster germination.
  • Seedbed Integrity - The quality of the seedbed is paramount to ensuring the best start for the crop. Root Dominant Environment is key to establishing a strong and healthy crop and to foster a root dominant environment in the soil.
  • Systems that create a coarse field finish will leave more surface area exposed, making the soil more prone to evaporation. A coarse field finish also creates more stress on equipment for later field work such as spraying or harvesting. Riverlea consider the Superseeder the ultimate tool in maintaining and enhancing the condition of the soil surface for subsequent field operations.

RTK GPS System

Utilising the latest Real Time Kinematic (RTK) technology, Riverlea can provide the most accurate band spraying service. The geospatial mapping technique is used in land survey and in automatic guidance (agriculture) based on carrier phase measurements of GPS signals where a single reference station provides the real-time corrections to Riverlea operators with an accuracy level of under 2cm. This enables staff to be continually productive even in low visibility conditions. The RTK system also allows operators to cultivate irregularly shaped paddocks accurately.