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Canterbury, New Zealand.

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all pastures, feed and seed crops for all Canterbury conditions

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Riverlea Ag - Canterbury Direct Drilling

Direct Drilling

Riverlea recognise the importance of accurate seeding, and have designed and engineered the Superseeder to ensure they are able to provide the optimum environment for early and consistent seed germination, and plant emergence

Riverlea Ag - Canterbury Fodder Beet

Fodder Beet

Riverlea are now offering a dynamic 'one pass operation' option for fodder beet planting with the aim of reducing cultivation costs for clients by up to 30%.

Riverlea Ag - Canterbury Band Spraying

Band Spraying

Riverlea offers a practical alternative to broadcast sprays with the Varidome 6 metre sprayer, coupled with RTK GPS technology to achieve superior accuracy while improving efficacy and reducing costs.

Riverlea Ag - Canterbury Ploughing


Kverneland 8 furrow plough with Custom Press and Leveling Board. Achieving a ready seedbed and superb finish in most soil conditions is what this combination does best.

Riverlea Ag - Canterbury Maize Planting

Maize Planting

Optimum maize planting time runs from mid October to mid November in the Canterbury region. To maximise our efficiency in this crucial time we organize our circuit of clients based on altitude.

Riverlea Ag - Canterbury Min Till


Min-till is a non-inversion method of cultivation. This incorporates residue without completely burying it and without the need to burn it.