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Kverneland 8 furrow plough with Custom Press and Leveling Board.

Achieving a ready seedbed and superb finish in most soil conditions is what this combination does best.

The Custom furror press with leveling board and V rings to crack and consolidate the furrows leaves a superb finish second to none. The plough features auto reset and vari-widths ranging from 12" to 22" to give you a great finish in most soil conditions. Plus under beam clearance of 70 cm and an inter-body clearance of 100cm ensures the easy handling of heavy trash; the finish is excellent.

Full tillage uses the inversion method of ploughing. This is a great way to bury all trash and perform a deep cultivation to help level out rough ground. We often plough on development jobs where new fields are formed to help level out old fence lines, tree lines, and various paddock histories. While some conditions will always require the use of a plough, most of the time it is more cost-effective and less time consuming to use the min-till or no-till approach.